"Entertaining The World One Song At A Time...Since 1989!"
"Entertaining The World One Song At A Time...Since 1989!"

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Acrtive KJs


Our employees are what make CKI stand out from the competion.  Each one goes through countless hours of training.  All of the employees are different & bring their own set of skills to the business.  The one common bond we all share is the love of music!


Owner of Chubby's Karaoke, Inc.

Email: Chubby@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: Keith Chubb

David Chubb

General Manager of U.S. Operations & Karaoke Host

Email: David@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: CKI David

Twitter: @ckidavid

                            Years Active: July 2001-Present

                            Shows Hosted: 1,710

                             DJ for Wedding Receptions: 45


Karaoke Host

Email: Try@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: CKI Try

Twitter: @try2112

                            Years Active: January 1998 - Present

Jared Kierstead

Karaoke Host

Email: Jared@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: Jared Kierstead

Years Active: September 2015 - January 2016 (on medical leave - return TBD)

                           Shows Hosted: 15

Jim Gray

Karaoke Host

Email: Jim@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: Jim Gray

                           Twitter: @JGKaraoke

                           Years Active: September 2015 - Present

                           Shows Hosted: 14

Mike Baker

Karaoke Host

Email: Mike@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: Mike Baker

Years Active: March 2013-Present

                              Shows Hosted: 31

Seth Carpenter

Karaoke Host

Email: Seth@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: Seth Gray Carpenter

Twitter: @sgrayscoop

                            Years Active: April 2010-Present

Stephen Helbig

Karaoke Host

Email: Stephen@chubbyskaraoke.com

Facebook: Stephen Helbig

Years Active: June 2012 - Present


Karaoke Host

Facebook: Tom Blake

Years Active: July 2002 - November 2013; March 2016-Present



5124 Park Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28209


Facebook: Lucky Lou's Tavern

Website: Luckyloustavern.com

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