"Entertaining The World One Song At A Time...Since 1989!"
"Entertaining The World One Song At A Time...Since 1989!"

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  • Garrett Cooperman (Wednesday, July 30 14 12:53 pm EDT)

    Chubby's karaoke has never disappointed me, and I've been at shows they've hosted all around Charlotte. Lucky Lou's on Park became my home away from home on Saturday nights because KJ Try always runs
    a spectacular, professional, and fun karaoke experience. You will not be disappointed.

  • Morgan Leigh (Thursday, August 30 12 02:39 pm EDT)

    I've been to several karaoke shows around the Carolinas and no one does it better than Chubby's. Everyone gets their time to shine, the songs are up to date and awesome, and TRY is the epitome of

  • Susan McSwiney (Thursday, August 23 12 12:12 am EDT)

    Chubby's Karaoke...the best karaoke you can have in town. Fantastic selection of songs and some of the best K.J.s in the business with T.R.Y. topping the list.

  • Nelson "The Legend" Royster (Wednesday, August 22 12 11:42 pm EDT)

    Wow, where do I begin? Robert "Bobby" Ledford and I attended Jesse Garber's shows regularly for about 7 years beginning in 2000. It was how we became such good friends with him and his brother. I
    remember Josh giving me the John Deere bandanna at the old Grad in 2001. We also enjoyed it when David Chubb or Try filled in for Jesse. We started at a little establishment called the Rainbow Deli
    on August 13, 2000. A few months later that place closed and turned into Monterreys, and Chubby's moved Jesse's Sunday show to what was then called the Graduate, which later became Tipseys. Finally
    the Sunday show moved to Picassos University in 2007. We picked up Iron Thunder in Concord on Wednesdays (later Fridays) and Picassos University on Thursdays. And there were other places we went to
    such as Dave and Busters in Concord and the Yellow Rose in Pineville. We had the 15th anniversary show at the Yellow Rose in 2004. I was there. This is basically what kept me living in Charlotte for
    as long as I did. I could not get enough of it. My main songs starting out were John Deere Green and She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, then Strokin and of course, the big cahuna, Africa. Other big hits
    were Ode to My Car, Chop Suey and Kung Fu Fighting. By 2004 I was attending 3 shows a week. The regular appearances came to an end in 2007 but I still made periodic cameo apperances at Jesse's shows
    for the next 3 years until Jesse gave up his last show in 2010. The last show I attended was a Friday show in 2011 at the Yellow Rose. I hope to make occasional appearances in the future. Thanks for
    the memories Chubby's Karaoke! I had a blast! Especially when I blessed the rains down in Africa. That has definitely been my biggest hit.

  • Vickie Summers (Wednesday, August 22 12 04:24 pm EDT)

    I have been a loyal Chubby's Karaoke fan since 1994. Chubby's always has the best selection of songs from oldies to the newest songs on the radio. The KJ's are the best in the business.

  • Andi Eisert (Tuesday, August 21 12 09:56 pm EDT)

    I have been a local bartender/manager for years here in Charlotte... And to me there is NO other karaoke company that can touch Chubby's!! Best by far... Great professional staff that also promotes
    fun at all shows!! If you are lookin for something new to do in your bar... I highly recommend booking a gig with these guys! If you wanna see for yourself... feel free to come by Lucky Lous on a Wed
    or Sat... Im sure you won't be disappointed!! Try is an awesome KJ!! Im Andi and I approve this message..

  • Robert Ledford (Tuesday, August 21 12 12:11 am EDT)

    I made a lot of really good friends because of Chubbys Karaoke. I also proposed to my wife at one of Jesse Garbers shows. 7 1/2 years later, still goin strong. Love Chubby's Karaoke!



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